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A clean and spotless property is a must if you want to live in a healthy and comfortable environment. However, keeping up with a regular cleaning schedule can be difficult, which is why it’s best to hire professionals like My Best Cleaner. We provide a top-notch apartment cleaning service and other professional solutions to our customers.

Our main focus is on our client’s satisfaction and to be able to adjust to each one of their necessities. Our cleaning products are plant-based and customized for each area as well as children and pet-friendly…

10+ Years Experience

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We are using the Handy platform have helped clean homes and apartments.

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We provide professional and affordable home cleaning services. We charge flat rates for awesome cleaning. What you see is what you get.

100% Satisfaction

My Best Cleaner takes pride in offering you peace of mind with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee for our professional cleaning service.

We work many fields to clean
your surrounding area
For those who require commercial office cleaning, residential cleaning, or construction cleaning, My Best Cleaner offers the best cleaning services.

We understand your busy schedule and we are just a phone call away. Let our experienced cleaners do the cleaning.

Residential Cleaning

We’re experts in residential cleaning, and we can keep your home neat and tidy at all times while giving you one less thing to worry about. If you need help with home cleaning tasks, don’t hesitate to use our top-notch solutions.

Apartment Cleaning

We offer professional apartment cleaning solutions, and we tidy up apartments of all shapes and sizes and make them more conducive to comfort and good health. Come home to a pristine apartment by hiring our trusted team!

Commercial Cleaning

Having a spotless office will help you stay productive and attract new customers. Our specialists can take care of your office cleaning needs, and we will ensure that your office is always tidy, presentable, and professional-looking.

Construction Cleaning

Construction isn’t complete until everything is dust and debris-free.  Ensure your construction site clean-up services leave your project prepared for inspection, inhabitation, and action

Deep Cleaning

The general rule of thumb is to deep-clean properties at least once a year. This way, you can ensure that not only visible surfaces are clean but also hard-to-reach areas. 

Move-In/Out Cleaning

Moving into a new home is often a huge hassle, which is why it’s a good idea to outsource the move-in and out cleaning process to experts like our cleaner. 

The jobs that we can do :

1. House cleaning before handover to the owner
2. Construction site cleaning
3. Clearing off all staked and collecting Steel scrappy, metal scrapy and aluminum scrappy
4. Installing wrapping and repair
5. Re-stand any fences that are collapsed or fallen apart
6. Carpet cleaning
7. Dig out ground for any item or tool installation
8. Fixing insulations that are fallen apart due to windy weather
9. Lawn mowing
10. Internal silicon
11. Vacuuming or sweeping, window cleaning any types
12. We can do internal external cleaning of construction sites so that the trades can quickly start their allocated jobs.

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Our maids and staff members have experience of several years and are trained to delivery an exceptional cleaning service. Our team members will take care of the cleanliness of each inch of your house/office or any other space that needs to be take care of.

Our Company shares values of professionalism and honesty, we get the job done with focus on meeting our customer expectations and needs. We are a trustworthy company compromised not only with our customers but also the environment, our products are plant base and climate pledge friendly to help preserve the natural world.

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House cleaning professionals have helped clean your home.

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100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee for our professional cleaning service.

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Make your life easier with professional, dependable cleaning services. Schedule one of our Trusted Cleaners today.

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